When you need the very best treatments available for your mental health and well being... Give our precision neuromedicine clinics a call. We specialize in the most accurate and precise delivery of EEG, MRI and CT-guided (neuronavigated) rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation). We also offer intranasal esketamine treatments with psychotherapy for rapid relief of depression and anxiety with enhanced safety and efficacy. 
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PNC Medical Director now a developer of apps for Magic Leap

September 21, 2019

Technophile, neuroimaging researcher and medical director of Precision NeuroClinics, Dr. Kevin Morin states that "engaging and teaching patients about how their brain networks may not be operating properly and how we can change it with rTMS, medications,, neurofeedback and psychotherapy is essential for what we do at PNC and I use Magic Leap augmented reality technology and integrate it seemlessly with our TECNIQ neuroimaging platform for patient education. The feedback I get is "TOO COOL!". TECNIQ neuroimaging can integrate neuroanatomical and streaming connectivity information in a unique way within the spatial computational platform of Magic Leap. Magic Leap and TECNIQ neuroimaging are made for each other!"

PNC Medical Director and PNC-API collaboration featured in recent U of A publication

September 18, 2019

Read More from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta.

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Dr. Morin is a neuronavigation and neuroimaging fanatic! Here is an example of neuronavigated rTMS.

My clinical experience with rTMS and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and having the privilege to help others with these modalities is truly inspiring.

Kevin Morin BSc(Pharm), MD, PhD, FRCP(C) 


About Us

We began as a specialty clinic (PNC-2020) in Scotia Place in downtown Edmonton, AB to fill a gap in mental health services. Our focus on patient-centered care and improved outcomes has allowed us to develop care pathways that incorporate the best technologies for effective treatment delivery. We are a multidisciplinary team that includes psychologists, physicians and experts in functional neuroimaging. Our Medical Director is Dr. Kevin Morin, a psychiatrist and pioneer of clinical rTMS in the Edmonton Zone. Our Director of Clinical Services and Research is Dr. Param Bhardwaj. We are experts in the use of neuroimaging technologies to improve the accuracy of delivery, safety and effectiveness of clinical  rTMS and esketamine. Our clinical expertise and strategies for minimizing benzodiazepines and Z-drug (Zopiclone and Zolpidem) use during rTMS and optimization of ketamine treatments has resulted in the opening of an additional research clinic (PNC-API) location on the U of A campus  In collaboration through the Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) initiative at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. www.appliedpharma.ca we are very excited about further development of the novel TECNIQ neuroimaging platform which was developed by our medical director, Dr. Kevin Morin and Sunmor Research Inc. www.sunmorresearch.com ,for routine clinical use to improve clinical outcomes during rTMS, ketamine and esketamine treatments and reduce cost. Two major clinical TECNIQ neuroimaging studies are planned using this novel Alberta-developed neuroimaging platform. These will involve rTMS and ketamine and will be underway in the very near future with support from PNC, Sunmor Research Inc., international collaborators and API. We are very pleased to be at the cutting-edge of emerging new treatments for brain disorders.


Neuronavigated rTMS

It is clear from published studies that when rTMS is delivered with image-guided technology (neuronavigation) then better outcomes are observed. It is known that small deviations in targeting the stimulation site in the brain can lead to treatment failure. Neuronavigated rTMS is a more personalized treatment approach. Clinically meaningful response to treatment occurs in the majority (greater than 60%) but not everyone and so there are no guarantees that rTMS treatment will be effective for everyone but we try and optimize all variables that may contribute to a good outcome. For example, we will work with you and your healthcare providers to minimize benzodiazepine and Z-drug use which is known to contribute to poor outcomes with rTMS treatment. Ideally, we attempt to minimize benzodiazepine use before rTMS treatment is initiated. Although many patients may have MRI or CT scans of their brain when they come to PNC, this is not absolutely required as we can use a standard template for accurate neuronavigation that is warped depending on the size and shape of the head. rTMS treatments usually require 20 to 30 sessions over 4 to 6 weeks.

Esketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Esketamine has emerged as a revolutionary new safe treatment. It is delivered by intranasal spray administration for treatment-resistant depression with profound effects that can be extremely rapid. Esketamine has potent antidepressant effects and at PNC we combine intranasal esketamine treatments with psychotherapy to improve long term outcomes. We are formally trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and the approach provides a safe, comfortable, profound and meaningful transformational experience with esketamine. An initial course of treatment with intranasal esketamine involves eight initial treatments (2 treatments per week over 4 weeks) then treatments that are less frequent and tailored to individual response to treatment.

Evidence-based precision treatments and measures. Measuring up the options

At PNC, we specialize in evidence-based precision medicine by specializing in measurement.  All of our neuronavigation equipment and software, MRI and CT-image data processing and display software, infrared and ultrasound devices, clinical measuring devices, EEG devices, EEG recording and data processing software and TMS devices are CE-compliant and approved for clinical use by Health Canada and FDA in the USA. We measure outcomes diligently and offer the best value for your investment in your mental health and well being.